Multi-user Access for Institutions

Why aren’t there software tools for examining the Qurʾan like there are with the Bible and other texts?

Despite being well into the 21st century, educational institutions lack sophisticated tools to enable students and scholars to research the text of the Qurʾan and its early manuscripts. Existing tools offer only simple searches of single terms. More complex examinations require long manual searches with paper lexica and dictionaries.

Likewise, few opportunities exist for examining early manuscripts of the Qurʾan to see how its text have developed and changed over time without a student or scholar traveling from place to place to see the texts in person.

It didn’t exist, so we built it.

Our founders also experienced this lack of access to sophisticated software tools, so they built Qurʾan Gateway. This powerful tool offers the ability to do both sophisticated textual analysis and manuscript examination, all in one place.

With access to our site, you can:

  • Search Qurʾanic text by root, lemma, exact inflection, case, form, gender, number or many other criteria.
  • Search single or multiple terms.
  • See results in a beautifully laid out display with the Arabic script, English transliteration of the Arabic sounds, and choice of several English translations, all on the same display.
  • Hover over any Arabic word to reveal a full parsing, then drill down further to see more details or expand your search
  • Search the affinities and relationships between words used in the Qurʾan.
  • Limit a search to just Meccan or Medinan Suras.
  • Reference an exhaustive dictionary of Qurʾanic words or consult a choice of open-source lexica.
  • Explore over 6,600 formulas of 3-, 4-, or 5-word phrases that appear multiple times in the text.
  • See and search and extensive database of scribal corrections in early Qurʾan manuscripts, in most cases with photographs and detailed descriptions.
  • Chart results of your searches and studies. Freely copy that chart for use in papers and presentations.
  • Customize Qurʾan Gateway with your personal search history, bookmarks, and tags.
  • And much more…

Likewise, you can explore our database of over 300 early Qurʾanic manuscripts to examine each manuscript’s:

  • Location
  • Contents
  • Main script style
  • Scribal changes that have been made over time. Many of these changes are accompanied by images from the original manuscript.

All this is available to institutions seeking to give their researchers and students access to a world-class tool for deep and sophisticated examination of the Qurʾan, its text and early manuscripts.

With Qurʾan Gateway your researchers will reach the next level of scholarly analysis

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