Qurʾan Gateway Team Fine-Tunes and Enhances in Preparation for Full Launch

By Daniel A. Brubaker


Qurʾan Gateway has been designed as a powerful yet intuitive research tool to help scholars find what they need from simple searches to complex analysis.


Since first presenting Qurʾan Gateway at IQSA in Boston last year, the Qurʾan Gateway team has been hard at work making improvements and readying the platform for its wider public release. We’ve given access to nearly 80 beta users, several of whom have given valuable feedback. Helping our end users easily find what they need is the prime purpose behind all these efforts.

Here are a few of the new things we’ve done this year in Qurʾan Gateway:

  • We’ve tightened up transcription of the modern Qurʾan text. Through the ongoing diligent work of Michael McCoy, Andy Bannister, myself, and others, Qurʾan Gateway now has one of the best end-to-end transcriptions of the modern Arabic text of the Qurʾan anywhere.
  • More manuscript physical corrections noted and described. The number of manuscript corrections has continued to rise, Michael McCoy having gone carefully through facsimile images of BnF arabe 337 along with a few other manuscripts. Today there are more than 3,100 manuscript corrections or possible corrections documented and available in Qurʾan Gateway.
  • Back-end technical functional aspects have been worked on and enhanced by the talented Charles de Bueger at Andy Bannister’s direction.
  • We rolled out a new search engine enabling the Arabic text to be searched in even more powerful ways.

Organizationally, we have added to our team, with Tim Murphy coming onboard in September 2018 in the role of SVP. Welcome, Tim!

Our team is very pleased to have developed such a powerful research tool together and we look forward to sharing it soon with a wider public.
Dan Brubaker

Author: Dan Brubaker

DANIEL BRUBAKER became fascinated by corrections in Qurʾan manuscripts while working toward his Ph.D. at Rice University, so fascinated that he chose to make it the prime focus of his doctoral work. His dissertation titled “Intentional Changes in Qurʾan Manuscripts” (2014) is the first extensive survey of physical corrections in early written Qurʾans. Its contents and much additional material will be published in forthcoming works. Brubaker has contributed to several published edited works and his first monograph, 20 Examples of Correction in Early Qurʾan Manuscripts, will be released imminently. A number of other writing projects are in process. To date, Brubaker has reviewed an estimated 10,000+ folios of the earliest Qurʾan manuscripts, most of them in person, cataloguing their corrections and other features. He has been a member of the International Qurʾanic Studies Association since its inception, is a member of the Islamic Manuscript Association (IMA), the Association for the Study of the Middle East and Africa (ASMEA), and is a co-founder of Qurʾan Gateway, an online resource for critical analysis of the Qurʾan. He lives with his wife Latha and three daughters in Northern Virginia.
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