Qurʾan Gateway Presented To Oxford Students And Faculty

By Daniel A. Brubaker

Dr. Daniel A. Brubaker and Dr. Andrew Bannister with Dr. Christian Sahner (center) in front of the Khalili Research Center after a presentation of Qurʾan Gateway to Oxford students and faculty

At the invitation of Dr./Prof. Christian Sahner, the Oriental Institute hosted a presentation of Qur’an Gateway by Dr. Andrew Bannister and Dr. Daniel Brubaker on Tuesday, 24 April, 2018, at the Khalili Research Centre in Oxford. The event was well-attended and well-received by graduate students and faculty, including Dr./Prof. Nicolai Sinai. Excellent questions were fielded in a discussion time following the main talk, and attendees were invited to begin using the current beta version of Qur’an Gateway to facilitate their work and stimulate their thinking and research questions.

Thank you to Dr. Sahner and to the Oriental Institute for the invitation and hospitality!

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