First Introduction of Qurʾan Gateway Met With Accolades by Qurʾanic Studies Community

By Daniel A. Brubaker

Drs. Asma Hilali and Alba Fedeli get a preview of the Qurʾan Gateway digital concordance from Qurʾan Gateway Dr. Daniel Brubaker

“A powerful and sophisticated digital concordance whose advanced search functionalities […] tie in with debates that are […] at the forefront of Qurʾanic Studies.” – Nicolai Sinai

“Qurʾan Gateway is an incredibly powerful tool, both enhancing as well as replacing earlier digital Qurʾan projects. QG’s depth and breadth of examination are simply unprecedented. The user interface is relatively simple, and help guides and videos are abundant. QG offers an incredible variety of ‘search’ functions, and empowers the researcher by cataloguing […] scribal changes in a growing list of manuscripts (also accessible) as well as ‘formulaic density.’ QG opens up new questions, and significant challenges exist as compiling exhaustive Qurʾan manuscript data is nearly impossible […] Thanks to QG, these and other critical questions […] can be debated more robustly than before.” – Emran El-Badawi

“…I’m astounded […] Quite apart from putting qurʾanic studies on a par with biblical studies, I’m not even sure anything as nice and usable as this exists for the Bible!” – Rachel Dryden, PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge


Qurʾan Gateway mastermind Dr. Andy Bannister prepares for the start of the panel, “Toward a Sophisticated Digital Concordance of the Qurʾan” at the International Qurʾanic Studies Association, Boston


On November 20, 2017 a number of IQSA members and others attended the panel “Towards a Sophisticated Digital Concordance of the Qurʾan: A Presentation of the Qurʾan Gateway Project” in Boston at the Annual Meeting of the International Qurʾanic Studies Association (IQSA).

The panel and the evening reception following marked a milestone for the Qurʾan Gateway project as the first public introduction of this exciting new research tool that the Qur’an Gateway team have been working on now for nearly three years. It was a soft launch, and Qurʾan Gateway is in beta with a projected hard launch in 2019.

With Qurʾan Gateway (, users can now:

  • Navigate to any part of the Qurʾan in a variety of ways
  • Browse the entire text of the Qurʾan in side-by-side format with Arabic, transcription, and English
  • Choose from several translations
  • Hover over any Arabic word to reveal a full parsing, then drill down further to see more details
  • Search the text of the Qurʾan in English, Arabic, or Arabic transcription by word, root, or lemma
  • Easily access research works like Penrice and Lane at a click
  • Search for word associations
  • Search for formulae of 3, 4, 5, and 6 words throughout the Qurʾan
  • See and search manuscript corrections, in most cases with photographs and detailed descriptions
  • Conduct an advanced search based upon other criteria of your choosing
  • Browse charts and graphs, and generate your own
  • Mark entries as “Favorites”

This is a partial list. We invite you to come check out Qurʾan Gateway at When you do, please click “Register Interest” and enter your contact details so we can get back to you with an access code. If you have colleagues who may find Qurʾan Gateway useful, please pass the word to them as well.

We are proud of this tool and hope that it will serve as a platform that will be of help to many of you and to many others in the years to come. Although it is already quite robust, what we have done is only a beginning. We are humbly requesting the help of the scholarly community and in particular of IQSA membership to test this tool, give quality feedback, and bring any errors to our attention so that we can correct them.

Dan Brubaker

Author: Dan Brubaker

DANIEL BRUBAKER became fascinated by corrections in Qurʾan manuscripts while working toward his Ph.D. at Rice University, so fascinated that he chose to make it the prime focus of his doctoral work. His dissertation titled “Intentional Changes in Qurʾan Manuscripts” (2014) is the first extensive survey of physical corrections in early written Qurʾans. Its contents and much additional material will be published in forthcoming works. Brubaker has contributed to several published edited works and his first monograph, 20 Examples of Correction in Early Qurʾan Manuscripts, will be released imminently. A number of other writing projects are in process. To date, Brubaker has reviewed an estimated 10,000+ folios of the earliest Qurʾan manuscripts, most of them in person, cataloguing their corrections and other features. He has been a member of the International Qurʾanic Studies Association since its inception, is a member of the Islamic Manuscript Association (IMA), the Association for the Study of the Middle East and Africa (ASMEA), and is a co-founder of Qurʾan Gateway, an online resource for critical analysis of the Qurʾan. He lives with his wife Latha and three daughters in Northern Virginia.
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