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In 2014, a small group of specialists in Islam and the text of the Qur’an met to imagine how they could turn their work into a useful online tool for the wider scholarly and lay community, in order to make things easier for next generations of students.

Dr. Andy Bannister, PhD has made inquiry into the oral-formulaic character of the Qur’an’s text. The substance of his doctoral dissertation has been published as An Oral Formulaic Study of the Qur’an and since its publication, has been widely discussed. Bannister is the chief author of Qur’an Gateway’s code and functionality, and he has built into Qur’an Gateway many of the analytical functions that he could only dream of when he was conducting his own doctoral research.

Dr. Daniel Brubaker, PhD wrote his 2014 doctoral dissertation on physical corrections to early Qur’an manuscripts and has traveled extensively, visiting and viewing directly many thousands of folios of the earliest Qur’an manuscripts and taking detailed notes and photographs. Brubaker’s work has generated interest around the world. Now, for the first time, a very large amount of his research data can be accessed and searched via Qur’an Gateway.

About Qurʾan Gateway

Brubaker and Bannister had noticed that while there were already many high quality software tools available for the critical study of biblical texts, few such digital tools yet existed for those engaged in critical study of the text of the Qur’an. This circumstance inspired them to begin development of such a tool, and the result has been Qur’an Gateway.

Qurʾan Gateway Council of Reference

Mehdi Azaiez
Emran El-Badawi
François Déroche 
Fred Donner
Alba Fedeli
Asma Hilali
Davidson MacLaren
Thomas Milo
Gerd-R Puin
Gabriel Said Reynolds
Peter Riddell
Nicolai Sinai
Keith E. Small

Qur’an Gateway now exists to give scholars, students and others working in the area of Islam’s core text a best in class tool to aid them in scholarly study. We seek to provide wide access to the best research on the Qur’an and surrounding literature. We are committed to excellence and the highest standards of academic rigor, product quality, and quality of service to our subscribers. Organizationally and individually, our team strives for

  • Integrity of data
  • A culture of collaboration that promotes the good work of others
  • Kindness and collegiality
  • Humility and service

The Qur’an Gateway research website is the first and principal result of the above aims and goals. We intend for it to become the best digital tool for critical study of the qur’anic text and its history.

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