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The first online and fully searchable database of extensive Qurʾanic text study

Explore the latest academic research.

Analyse data from thousands of records.


Examine linguistics and formulaic construction

Track scribal changes from hundreds of original manuscripts


Check meanings and references from the original Arabic.

Perform advanced searches with speed and efficiency.

Share your insights with others


All this and more, is possible with Qurʾan Gateway.

“Qur’an Gateway is a groundbreaking piece of software that will greatly enrich academic study of the Qur’an.”
Peter Riddell

Unique searchable software

Our unique searchable software brings together hundreds of rich historical reference materials. Find a key word or phrase, track references across Surahs, perform formulaic analyses of the text. All of this is possible with Qurʾan Gateway. And more.


Qurʾan Gateway is an independent, non-profit resource, aimed primarily at scholars of the Qurʾan from universities and institutions around the world.

However Qurʾan Gateway can be used by anyone. From Islamic and Western societies, journalists, policy makers, faith professionals and members of the public alike.

Qurʾan Gateway also features an extensive image library featuring thousands of early Qurʾan manuscripts with carefully tagged text variants and scribal changes.

Image © the Sabaḥ Collection, Dar Museum, Kuwait, used by permission

Qurʾan Gateway will launch in late 2019

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We're working with academics to help user-test Qurʾan Gateway.

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